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New weaving machines, rebuilt machinery (Extend Machines) and second hand machines supplier, PE, PVC, flat strip, flat cloth, glass fiber, polyester fiber fabrics such as jacquardCloth, plain weave, twill; Super-heavy loom to weave sisal hemp, jute, 304 stainless steel.

Multi-function loom
Main functions: woven triaxial pan head, nylon plastic wire, sponge cloth, polyester fabrics such as PE, PU, PVc
Ultra wide width loom
Main functions: can weave sun-shade net, nets cloth, carpet cloth, canvas, the luminous color cloth and all kinds of fabrics
Ultra wide width of cloth carpet
Main functions: it can produce 25 m under arbitrary width cloth, stir brown machine, mesh cloth, etc
High speed automatic warping machine
11 meters width any warping machine with infrared automatic vertical the yarn Can do all kinds of thick yarn fabric and metal wire, etc
Super-heavy loom
Main functions: to weaving sisal hemp, jute, air conveyor belt, the shares nylon rubber wire, stainless steel, and 304 All kinds of metal wire, can transform 8 m below the width etc